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According to various reliable sources, the War Campaign Medal is NOT the first campaign medal. The first campaign medal was the Battle of Manila Bay Medal, also known as the Dewey Medal. The Dewey Medal was awarded to all those who served in the Manila Bay Campaign of 1 May 1898. It was authorized by Congress on 3 June 1898. Now let's move up from 1898 to 1907. That is the year that the Civil War Medal (Army), and the Inian Wars Medal (Army) were authorized. The Civil War Medal (Navy & Marine Corps) was authorized in 1908. In that same year, the Spanish Campaign Medal (Navy & Marine Corps) was also authorized. The Spanish Campaign Medal (Army) was authorized in 1905. The West Indies Naval Campaign Medal (Navy & Marine Corps) was authorized in 1901. There were other campaign medals for service between the Spanish-American War and WW1, but I think that I've digressed enough.

Its recognized as the "first" campaign medal because its retroactive to 1861. The Institute of Heraldry also refers to the decoration as such. Of course there were earlier medals, but the Civil War Campaign Medal is classified as the first campaign medal by virtue of its time frame of eligability, not when it was physically created. -Husnock 23 Jan 05
Actually, to put you in the picture, Husnock and whomever else, the Dewey Medal was a commemorative medal, not a campaign medal. And yes, obviously the Civil War medal is "first" because of its precedence. Also the West Indies campaign medal was established in 1908 along with most of the others, not 1901.
But the most glaring error, which I can't believe you made, was that the Civil War medal came in a Union and Confederate version. That's absurd! There were two versions, one for the US Army and the other for the US Navy. I can't believe that you think that the US government would award a campaign medal to the opposing forces. Anyway I made the corrections where necessary.P1340

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"In 2003, Congress made each of the services responsible for public law concerning US Military Awards and Decorations. This made each of their regulations concerning Awards US Public Law. [5]. This elevated AR 600-8-22 to US Public Law."

[5]Act of Congress, 24 Nov 2003, 10 USC Chapter 45 - The uniform

Comment: 10 USC Chapter 45 has nothing to do with "making each service responsible for public law concerning US Military Awards and Decorations". The only "Act Of Congress" on 24 Nov 2003 is Pub.L. 108–136 (text) (PDF) which contains nothing about this. In any event, I'm not clear on the significance of the statement anyway.--Nyctc7 (talk) 05:16, 16 September 2012 (UTC)