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This archive page covers approximately the dates between 31 July 2005 and 4 December 2004.

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Welcome (my title)[edit]

Hello there, welcome to the 'pedia! I hope you like the place and decide to stay. If you need pointers on how we title pages visit Wikipedia:Naming conventions or how to format them visit our manual of style. If you have any other questions about the project then check out Wikipedia:Help or add a question to the Village pump. Cheers! --maveric149

The start of a weird friendship (my title)[edit]

I was just showing my dad the list of neighborhoods and he asked why there's no page for Sugar House. That was a good question seeing as it's specifically refered to more than any Salt Lake neighborhood, I think. I'll have to tell him that somebody made a page hours later. CHL 02:35, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Yeah, I like Salt Lake City (and interestingly, although irrelevently, FoxTrot). So much that could be covered about Salt Lake that it's intimidating. The city itself doesn't have a good (detailed) article, but the other incorporated areas and the County are almost nonexistant except for bot output. I'm glad you put Nancy Workman on here though. I think it won't be too much longer before that article has a neat conclusion. CHL 08:12, 13 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Absolutely. In fact, I have a rough draft for the City and County Building if I rumage around for it. I should be able to expand the article. As I recall, I focused mainly on the structure of the building and didn't want to put it up because I didn't have much coverage of the history, which you have. Cool Hand Luke 19:28, 16 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Salt Lake City[edit]

Heh. I was actually thinking earlier about how it's appropriate to have a Mormon/non-Mormon editor for this 50/50 city. It's even more appropriate because I'm a very liberal Mormon, like many residents here. I actually think the interactions between these groups make Salt Lake City one of the most interesting places to live in anywhere. How many holy cities are so diverse, yet without suicide bombers?

Actually, I just wanted to say I share your goal of making Salt Lake City one of the best city articles. As for history, I don't think that will be a problem. I think our history is unusually bizarre and interesting. Right now, the page probably needs work on sports which is unfortunate because I'm not really a fan. Cool Hand Luke (Communicate!) 06:49, 18 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Obvious tests[edit]

Can you please not blank pages that are obvious tests/need removing? They are easier for admins to find and delete speedily if you add the {{delete}} tag to the article. As it is I'm having to go through your user contributions one by one to find all the ones you've blanked. -- Graham ☺ | Talk 18:28, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Don't apologise, what you did was good, and it woiuld be good for you to carry on doing it. Just add the {{delete}} tag rather than blanking in future. -- Graham ☺ | Talk 18:54, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Mormonism and Salt Lake City[edit]

Actually, we have a Jew! Josiah thought the project sounded interesting. He mostly just weighs in on policy matters. It's good to have someone not from an LDS background to keep everyone NPOV.

I would be in favor of a Salt Lake City project, but I'd want there to be to be enough people to keep it moving. A lot of dead wikiprojcts litter the place. I thought that Mormonism would work (and it is so far) because there's about 10 regular contributers. Salt Lake City, to my knowledge, has mostly just me, you, and Davejenk1ns. Oh! And Bob rulz (can't believe he's 14). Hmm... maybe it would work.

I would love to do more work on Salt Lake City, but it's at least good enough one can't easily expand it without doing a little bit of research. It's really much better now. I plan on doing a lot more work to it (especially history), but probably not until the semester ends. School is heavy right now, and I'm trying to apply to law school. I think the only major work I'll do before December is expanding Salt Lake Tabernacle, and a biography on D. Michael Quinn (the excommunicated gay Mormon historian of September Six fame.) I have added some Salt Lake-related stuff recently though. I think you'd find Liberal Party (Utah) very interesting. I put a bit of work into that and am actually using some of the research for a school paper.

And I'm rambling... In conclusion, I'd join such a project. I think they're useful to coordinate work. However, we might have to broaden it to a Utah wikiproject to get enough participants. The impression I get is that we have several Utahns on the LDS wikiproject, but I'm not aware of any other Salt Lakers. Cool Hand Luke 05:02, 5 Nov 2004 (UTC)

There's a Utah Architecture magazine? Wow. Honestly, before Wikipedia I was never interested in architecture, but I like building articles because they're little nuggets of history, and in most cases they're small enough subjects that you can write reasonably complete articles without spending eternity. BTW, I didn't notice the "commrade in WikiZion" comment. Heh. Thanks.
I've been spending way too much time on Wikipedia since becoming an admin. Mostly procedural things, as if I'm trying to prove that I make a good administrator. I should really knock it off because I have homework to do!
Although I don't actually know your opinions on this, I'd like to say that all Mormons don't support homophobic legislation. The fact that the amendment "only" got 66% is encouraging, I think. Many states approved them by even higher margins, but it still disgusts me that so many voted "yes". Cool Hand Luke 05:41, 7 Nov 2004 (UTC)

SLC & 2002 Olympics[edit]

I'm surprised wikipedia doesn't have anything on the Olypic bid scandal. Your draft article is about the olympic impact and legacy on Salt Lake, so maybe call it "Salt Lake City and the 2002 Winter Olympics". We could also do with an article just on the scandal, but that's not the topic of what you've written here. Cool Hand Luke 06:12, 24 Nov 2004 (UTC)

"It seems like I always go ahead gung-ho, start something and then CHL is always there to go clean it up...SUGAR HOUSE is two (2) words!!!!"
Heh. I almost always type that wrong. Really cleaning up that entry would take too much work for me right now, but I wanted to make it at least have an encyclopedic intro. Maybe User:Bob rulz will work on it. He said he goes to Highland, and I know nothing about that school. (I went to West and Granite, incidentally.) Cool Hand Luke 06:27, 24 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Updated DYK query Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article 2002 Winter Olympic bid scandal, which you created. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the "Did you know?" talk page.

-- [[User:MacGyverMagic|Mgm|(talk)]] 11:05, Nov 27, 2004 (UTC)

Congratulations on the TYK feature. I think you'll also be pleased to know that Salt Lake City is being used as an example of what to do on city articles (see Wikipedia:Peer review#Cerritos, California). Cool Hand Luke 21:15, 27 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Oh the bid scandal is much more notable. I think they used mine just because it had a picture. As for a meet-up: I thought you'd never ask (heh). Bob rulz is local fer sure, but User:Davejenk1ns is in Asia now, I think (although it seems he's from here). Incidentally, I'm trying to get a clearer picture to replace Maveric149's foggy image at the bottom of the page. That's the only thing we have that shows relation between all the buildings. Cool Hand Luke 21:32, 27 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Nomination for adminship[edit]

OK, I've nominated you like we discussed. Do please accept and answer the questions as soon as possible. Many editors will reject candidates who have not answered on principle.

As for the question about conflicts with other users, the only example I can think of is the dispute of whether to link to neighborhoods (this discussion is in the Salt Lake City talk archive). I think that was admirably handled because you didn't just disagree—wou then actually went on to create and improve neighborhood articles. But then, this is just a suggestion.

You can find yours and other candidates' requests at WP:RfA. They're on subpage templates, much like VfD. Don't vote for yourself, but feel free to voted for other candidates if you are familiar with them/think they're qualified. Cool Hand Luke 22:55, 4 Dec 2004 (UTC)