Aarhus County

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Århus Amt
Basic Facts
County seat Århus
Area 4,561 km2
Inhabitants 661,370 (2006)
Aarhus County in Denmark

Aarhus County or Århus County (Danish: Århus Amt) is a former county of Denmark (Danish: amt) on the Jutland peninsula. It was created in 1970 by a merger of three counties: Århus, Randers and Skanderborg. The county was abolished effective 1 January 2007, when almost all of it merged into Region Midtjylland (i.e. Region Central Jutland). A very small portion was merged into Region Nordjylland (Region North Jutland). At the time of its abolishment, more than 20,000 people worked for the county.[1]

Logo of the former county

Municipalities (1970-2006)[edit]


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Coordinates: 56°09′N 10°12′E / 56.15°N 10.20°E / 56.15; 10.20