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QUEL seems like a language I'd like to use. Please could anyone provide some external links to where the language can be obtained, or explain why it is not available.

Thanks, fred2.

Text output from QUEL[edit]

The final QUEL statement to dump into a text file is supported by within many in modern RBMS's, albeit usually in a database specific way. Text output from QUEL could only ever be very platform specific (just think, multibyte character sets and DOS vs *NIX vs Mac line termination), probably specific only to ingres and informix, and so I wouldn't have thought that it could really be described as an advantage over SQL.

By the same line of arguement I could say that SQL is better then QUEL because, in Oracle, I can write image processing routines in PL/SQL.--Jimadilo 01:02, 6 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]