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University of Washington Human Powered Submarine Electronic Team[edit]

All of the information about the specs for our devices is located in:

Some Good Information[edit]

Oscillator set-up information
The summary of sensors specs

Allen: We wanna have a test program for the pic so we can know if the PCB is bad or not.
RPM Counter (note): Must have all zeros on counter set to zero with same R value. (If you don't get this, email me:
SRAM type: BENCHMARQ bq4011YMA-70 0227-C 272001W 
Oscillator Solution:
- Change the Crystal Oscillator with DIP Oscillator
- Thanks to David Burnett
RS232 Solution:
- Setup the wiring cable manually instead of using manufacturer's cable.
Oscillator solution:
- Feed 5V into the brown wire (Uref)
- Connect ground of oscillator into the same ground of the PIC chip
- Thanks to Prof. Bruce Hemingway

Things To Do[edit]

- Oscillator implementation (Indra/Allen/Patrick/Khoi/Stephen) Done
- A/D Converter (Indra/Allen/Patrick/Khoi/Stephen) Done
- PCB final design (Indra/Allen/Patrick/Khoi/Stephen)
- Store RAM (Indra/Allen/Patrick/Khoi/Stephen)
- Read RAM -> PC (Indra/Allen/Patrick/Khoi/Stephen)
- Safety Device (Daniel Miki)

Personel Contact[edit]

In Active:

- Allen Wilson - Eletronic/PIC development -
- Steve Hayman - Eletronic Box -
- Brian R Robinson - Eletronic Box -
- Daniel M Santosa - Devices Safety -
- Indraputra Pramono - Team Leader -


- Patrick Tague
- Khoi N Phung -
- Stephen Day -
- Vivien Wan -
- Daniel Shin -
- Maya Prawirodidjojo -

Former personel:

- David Burnett -
- Dereck Martin -
- Ted Tsui -
- Kyung Sang Kim -
- Arifin Ahmad Putka -